This year’s technical training took place in the home town of a great racing driver, Kerpen. Our Crystop ‘race truck’ was also there, where the speed and alignment effectiveness could be demonstrated.

In the training-proven overnight conference hotel in the ABZ in Kerpen in the Rhineland, we were able to interest 10 interested dealers in our products, the service-friendliness and the performance of the systems.

The focus was on all our TV systems, but the Internet system for the KA band was also addressed here. The aim is to be able to carry out service work on the systems, such as fault analysis, repair, software update, etc.

The technical part of the training was conducted by Mr. Schröder, who is in charge of the After Sales and Service Desk area at our company. Mr. Schröder comes from the development of the systems and was able to impart very well-founded knowledge about these systems. Our sales representative Mr. Emmerich, who is responsible for the sales of the systems, was also present and gave an overview of the product range as well as the innovations and the history as well as the company philosophy of Crystop.

The training was held in a small, very effective setting with about 10 participants. So there was again plenty of time for a practical, exciting and informative workshop.

We would like to thank all participants who came from Kerpen, Rheinbach, Bad Breisig, Jülich, Aldenhoven, Übach-Palenberg and even from the Netherlands, from Venlo, for the informative and interesting training course and the numerous suggestions we received.