TV & Internet – EVERYWHERE

e.g. in combination with our tried-and-tested EasySat TV reception system, WebBooster provides you with a coherent media concept that allows you to receive the usual free TV programs without having to do without your social contacts on the Internet.

We offer you this new roof feed-through for easy installation for the widely used panel van motorhomes (KW) with trapezoidal sheet metal roofs. The days of having to apply several layers of sealing compound to the roof duct are finally over. Everything is neatly cast in one piece and installed in a flash.

Also available as a stand-alone version (SA) without satellite system. Available in black and white.

Mobile router concept:
WebBooster consists of 3 components:

  1. Central 5G router with a user interface optimized for mobile travel. This unit establishes the connection to various mobile phone providers using the inserted SIM cards and to an external WLAN network (campsite network)
  2. Womo router with integrated WLAN antenna. This router separates the public from the private WLAN network. Your end devices are always connected to this Womo router, which is configured as an access point (hotspot).
  3. Roof module with integrated WiFi and 4 mobile radio antennas for 5G and LTE, which are screwed onto the central router.



Internet on the move

Use the roof feed-through of the satellite system to improve your mobile phone and WiFi network. There is no need to drill additional holes in your vehicle roof if you want to use the external 5G/LTE and Wi-Fi antennas from Crystop. Thanks to the consistent equipment with all available antenna technologies for the mobile network, you are equipped for the future.

Equipped with 2 powerful antennas each for 5G and LTE and an integrated antenna for the WLAN network, WebBooster also supports MIMO technologies and establishes the connection to local WLAN networks or remote mobile phone providers.

mobil 5G, 4G/LTE (Cat 20), 3G, 2G
power aux connector, 9-30 VDC
SIM 2 x SIM slots
LED indication 3 x mobile typ, 3 x level, 2 x WIFI hotspot, 4 x WAN typ, 1 x power
network Failover, VLAN, QoS, 4 x LAN port, 1 x WAN port
features automatic APN, band-Lock, SIM-switch, Black/White-lists, data-/sms-Limits
mass 132 x 44.2 x 95.1 mm
weight 533 g
18830 Sat Dachmodul weiss 249,00 €
18835 Sat Dachmodul schwarz 249,00 €
18810 Sat Dachmodul KW weiss 269,00 €
18815 Sat Dachmodul KW schwarz 269,00 €
18831 SA Dachmodul weiss 239,00 €
18836 SA Dachmodul schwarz 239,00 €
18811 SA Dachmodul KW weiss 259,00 €
18816 SA Dachmodul KW schwarz 259,00 €
18860 WebBooster 5G/WLAN Router 1099,00 €
18865 5G WebBooster Bundle 1299,00 €