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In our section: Downloads FAQ you will find answers to some common questions. If your topic is not covered, please fill in the contact form on the left for your enquiry. We will answer you as soon as possible.

All systems:
The antenna cable is a wearing part which, depending on the use of the system, can usually break after 10 years in the turntable. It is then no longer possible to find the satellite. You can easily check this by placing a new antenna cable (available in every TV/VIDEO department) as a bypass, e.g. through a roof hatch, and temporarily replacing the existing antenna cable with it. If the satellite is then found again, the line must be replaced.

If the system is not that old, the antenna plug of the antenna line may simply be defective. Check the tight fit and contacting of the F-connector on the line itself. Unprofessional screw plugs, which are often used in the home, tend to damage the braiding of the antenna cable after some time due to the constant shaking in the car. Contact is then no longer guaranteed and the satellite cannot be found.

AutoSat2 DVB (until 2008):
Some of the already digital receivers were also equipped with analogue receivers. Switching is done via the blue button on the remote control (A/D). Make sure that the digital receiver (DVB) is activated after switching on the system. The lettering DVB or analogue appears on the right of the TV. Alternatively, you can switch on the AutoSat2 DVB control receiver by pressing and holding the button; the unit will then be reset to its factory setting, which is digital.

AutoSat2 DVB (until 2008):
We recommend replacing the control receiver AutoSat2 DVB with the new digital control AutoSat2 Control and the LNB with a monoblock LNB for simultaneous reception of ASTRA1 and HOTBIRD. The new control box then aligns the satellite dish for simultaneous reception of ASTRA1 and HOTBIRD. Usually, DiSEqC control is then activated both in the control box and in the satellite receiver. ASTRA1 receives position B or 2. HOTBIRD receives position A or 1. Your satellite receiver must be HD-capable and can then access both satellites simultaneously, as with any home system. This eliminates annoying switching times caused by having to point the mirror again.

This is the error message for LNB short-circuit or, more obviously, “short-circuit on the LNB cable”. Without knowing the history, I assume that the control unit was used on an outdoor unit that used to be operated in analogue mode, i.e. the antenna cable is well over 10 years old. This means that the wear limit has now been reached and the antenna cable has broken in the rotary unit.

Simple remedy and test:
Disconnect the antenna cable from the control box and switch it on. If the error message disappears, this proves that the cable or the LNB is short-circuited.
Then get a new antenna cable (you can get a prefabricated 5 m ring in any good electrical shop) and use it to create a bypass. So screw the new antenna cable to the top of the LNB, go through a skylight and then reconnect it to the control unit. Leave enough cable at the top of the system to prevent it from getting jammed. Then try the whole thing again. If the error message has disappeared and the satellite has been found, my assumption of a defective antenna cable is proven. Then the last step is to replace this cable. We recommend that you order the antenna cable from us so that the inner conductor does not contain any steel parts and does not break again after a short time.

In principle, the mirror can already be repainted, but it is important to note that no metallic paints or high-gloss paints may be used, as otherwise the signal can be easily scattered and, in the other case, an optical focal point is created which can cause the LNB to literally burn out when the sun is exactly behind the satellite, and this is the case at least twice a year.

Our systems are maintenance-free. If there is no crack in the plastic cover of the mechanics due to age (> 10 years) or damage from the outside, there is no reason to become active. There are two UV-resistant sealing rings between the antenna arm and the cover. You can check the function of these if necessary, because otherwise water can get into the interior of the system. But that’s it. There is nothing to grease.

The system is probably only slightly misaligned because the antenna arm has slipped on the drive shaft.

Use a 13 mm open-ended spanner to loosen the two screws on the motor mechanism, but do not unscrew them. Switch on the control unit and switch it off again after approx. 10 seconds. If necessary, repeat the switch-off process until the red LED no longer flickers. Then tighten the two screws again (EasySat + AutoSat Light = 25 Nm, AutoSat2 = 30 Nm).


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To obtain the correct software update for your system, please contact us using the contact form on the right, stating the serial number of your control unit. You will find this on the underside of the unit.

AutoSat2 DVB (YOM 2001 – 2008)

AutoSat2 Control (from YOM 2005)

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