DriveAway Systems


DriveAway systems are systems that are permanently attached to the roof of the vehicle. Therefore, these systems can be used immediately after arrival on site. In the professional sector, we offer you the completely revised and newly developed SatCom system for vehicle mounting as a DriveAway.

Highlights of the new DriveAway:

The wired control and the use of powerful industrial motors offer you maximum safety in difficult environments. All materials used are weather-resistant. This results in a long service life even in rough operational use.
For pointing the satellite, the proven Direct Conversion method already used in the DriveAway ES is employed. This guarantees maximum precision and repeatability when aligning the mirror.

Once connected, you have a high-speed internet connection with guaranteed bandwidths, depending on the tariff booked. The satellite used is specially designed for Internet operation and is about 30 times more powerful than a conventional Astra TV satellite.

Operating concept:

The powerful motor control unit is located in a 19″ rack together with the power supply and the technology required for aligning the mirror. This works together with the current VIASAT modem. This is also available in 19″ technology and is included in the scope of delivery. Start the alignment process with just one push of a button. All alignment steps are displayed in plain text on the remote LCD panel. After typically 2 – 3 minutes, the satellite is found and the mirror is aligned to maximum signal. Thus, depending on the selected tariff, you can achieve upload rates of up to 10 Mbps. Provided you have the appropriate encoder technology, you can play back your live streaming smoothly and in HD quality to the social networks, the studio or the control centre.

1 Dimensions outdoor unit cm 85 x 79 x 21
2 Weight outdoor unit approx. kg 17,5
3 Mirror reflector dimensions (L x W) mm 770 x 720
4 Cable length between outdoor unit and control unit m 6
5 Max. Tx Output Power Tria W 3
6 Supply voltage Internet hardware V AC 240
7 Power consumption antenna control W 45
8 Tx Frequency range approx. GHz 30
9 Rx Frequency range approx. GHz 20
10 Polarisation circular
11 Max. Download rate Mbps 20
12 Max. Upload rate
with Advanced Modem
Mbps 10
13 Average pointing duration Min. 5
14 Operating temperature range °C -20 bis +60
15 Maximum wind speed km/h 72
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