The novelty for on the road. The WEBTOGO® BACKUPBOX is an intelligent, mobile satcom system. It is minimised to take up very little space. Thanks to its simple operation, you will be online in no time. Even live video streaming in HD quality is no problem with this system. Since many standard components are used in this system, this results in an extremely attractive price.

Design of the BackupBox:

The BackupBox consists of only one sturdy carbon fibre reinforced transport case with wheels and carrying handles. Due to the use of carbon plates, it weighs only 26 kg. Choose a suitable location. Open the bonnet case. Remove the practical accessory bag with the modem. This VIASAT SB2+ modem is also the power supply for the outdoor unit. Equipped with WIFI and a 4-way switch, you can use it to put your end devices into operation immediately. The modem is placed in the protected vehicle area to your IT. The only connection between this modem and the outdoor unit is a 10 m antenna cable. Extensions up to 25 m are no problem. This means that there are no sensitive electronics and no 230 V in the unprotected outdoor area. In addition, you always have the modem in the direct field of view of your IT.

Operating concept:

Install the intuitive Android APP WEBTOGO® directly from the Google Playstore on your tablet or smartphone. Open the app and start the fully automatic alignment process at the touch of a button. Thanks to GPS and position sensor, the system is perfectly aligned in no time. This provides you with upload rates of up to 10 Mbps, depending on the tariff you choose. If you have the appropriate encoder technology, live video streaming in HD quality is no problem here. Realise your video projects in this simple and uncomplicated way. You no longer need a technical crew for streaming to social media networks or directly to the studio for further processing.

Size of the transport case mm 900 x 800 x 240
Weight kg < 26
Dimensions antenna mirror, LxW mm 740×780
Length of coaxial cable between antenna and WiFi modem m 10
Max. Sendeleistung Tria W 3
e-Tria yes
Power supply V AC 240
Average power consumption Operation W 80
Transmission frequency range GHz 29.5- 30
Receiving frequency range GHz 19.7 – 20.2
Polarisation circular
Max. Download Rate Best Effort Internet Mbps 20
Max. Download Rate Video session Mbps 20
Max. Upload Rate, Best Effort Internet Mbps 6
Max. Upload rate, Video session Mbps 10
Average time span for antenna alignment Min. 2.5
Antenna alignment time independent of location yes
Antenna alignment time independent of system inclination yes
Simultaneous TV through additional TV LNB yes (1)
Azimuth rotation range Degrees 380
Elevation range Degrees 5 – 7
Operating temperature range Degrees C -15 to +50
Max. Wind speed during operation km/h 72
Sensors outdoor unit GPS, Tilt sensor
Operation with tablet or smartphone Android

1) Within a radius of about 300 km, then the arm for the TV LNB must be rotated slightly.