FlyAway Systems


The novelty for on the road.  Our FlyAway System WEBTOGO® is an intelligent and mobile satellite communication system. Anywhere in Europe, you are ready for action in minutes. Put even your data and videos online effortlessly. Even for live video streaming in HD quality with the appropriate encoder technology, you no longer need a technical crew. Set up the tripod, mount the feed arm and reflector, connect to the modem and start the intuitive app. In less than 5 min. your mobile studio is ready for use.

FlyAway concept:

The version with floor stand is ideal for rough terrain. Three stable tripod feet ensure a secure hold even in the field. Packed in two handy bags, you don’t need a large vehicle to take this FlyAway system with you. Even the back seat of your small car is sufficient. Start at the airport with a car to your location and begin your work.

NEW: Now also as “HC” version packed in two extra robust cases. The floor stand with the motor unit, the modem and the accessories are clearly packed in a sturdy chest with trolley function. The mirror comes in a separate sturdy case. This means that the system can withstand use in the rough and tumble of everyday work, whether it is being transported in an aircraft or an emergency command vehicle.

In the WebToGo® BackupBox version, you can also get this system with a mounted mirror assembled in just one case.


  • Based on the use of solid and proven components.
  • provides you with quick and easy professional internet access on the go.
  • increases fail-safety by reducing it to the essential and necessary.
  • is a consistent development of operation by means of APP, thus reduces costs and uses the already existing resources of a smartphone or tablet.
  • consists of only two components: intelligent motor unit and standard VIASAT modem.

The set-up is child’s play. See for yourself:

Weight Bag 1 with WiFi modem, feed arm with e-Tria, tripod, cable kg 15
Dimensions bag 1 LxWxH cm 100 x 30 x 30
Weight bag 2 with reflector and back structure kg 6
Dimensions bag 2 diameter LxH cm 80 x 15
Weight Hardcase 1 with WiFi modem, feed arm with e-Tria, tripod, cable kg 27,5
Dimensions Hardcase 1 LxWxH cm 100 x 40 x 30
Weight Hardcase 2 with reflector and back structure kg 12,5
Dimensions Hardcase 2 LxWxH cm 85 x 80 x 15
Dimensions antenna mirror, LxW mm 740 x 780
Length of coaxial cable between antenna and modem m 10
Max. Transmitting power Tria W 3
e-Tria yes
Power supply V AC 240
Average power consumption Operation W 80
Transmission frequency range GHz 29.5- 30
Receiving frequency range GHz 19.7 – 20.2
Polarisation circular
Max. Download Rate Best Effort Internet Mbps 20
Max. Download Rate Video session Mbps 20
Max. Upload Rate, Best Effort Internet Mbps 6
Max. Upload rate, Video session Mbps 10
Average time span for antenna alignment Min. 2.5
Antenna alignment time independent of location yes
Antenna alignment time independent of system inclination yes
Simultaneous TV through additional TV LNB yes (1)
Azimuth rotation range degree 380
Elevation range degree 5 – 70
Operating temperature range degree C -15 to +50
Max. Wind speed during operation km/h 72
Sensors outdoor unit GPS, tilt sensor
Operation with tablet or smartphone Android

1) Within a radius of about 300 km, then the arm for the TV LNB must be rotated slightly.