Due to the ever-increasing demand for fast and cost-effective satellite-based internet connections, the infrastructure of satellite operators is also growing. The latest development is the change from the previously common KU band to the modern and significantly faster KA band. Upload speeds of up to 2 Mbit/sec and download rates of up to 20 Mbit/s are possible.
The system is also optionally available with a 2U 19″ rack. In this version, all electronic components are integrated in this rack. This simplifies both the installation and the operation of the system. Only one 230 VAC connection is required for the power supply. In contrast to the 19″ version, the components such as router, modem, motor control and communication interface are supplied separately in the standard version. This allows optimum accommodation of the system components where space is limited. In this case, a separate 12 VDC power supply with a minimum of 10 Amp. continuous current is required.

The footprint no longer covers the whole of Europe, but is divided into several large beams. The satellite of interest for Germany, ASTRA2E, is located at 28.2°East and covers most of Central Europe with one and the same technology. Here, too, you have a network independent of UMTS, LTE or GPRS connections to connect your internet and telephony applications.

1 Dimensions outdoor unit cm 105 x 90 x 26
2 Weight outdoor unit approx. kg 22,5
3 Mirror reflector dimensions (L x W) mm 920 x 850
4 Cable length between outdoor unit and control unit m 6
5 Max. Tx Output Power Tria W 2,5
6 Supply voltage Internet hardware V AC 240
7 Supply voltage Antenna control V DC 11-15
8 Power consumption antenna control W 45
9 Power consumption during search @ 12V, typ A 3,5
10 Tx Frequency range approx. GHz 30
11 Rx Frequency range approx. GHz 20
12 Polarisation circular
13 Max. Download-Rate Mbps 20
14 Max. Upload-Rate Mbps 2
15 Average pointing duration Min. 3
21 Operating temperature range °C -30 bis +50
22 Maximum wind speed km/h 72



In the professional sector, we offer the transportable satellite uplink system in the fly-away version. This is the gateway to the broadband world for your mobile applications. Ready for use in less than 5 minutes thanks to one-button operation and aligned to the KA-band satellite ASTRA or AVANTI, you no longer need to be an expert when it comes to establishing independent data connections throughout Europe. Typical applications include backing up your Internet or telephony connection in rural areas where no infrastructure is available.
With a few simple steps, you can set up the flight case at the desired location and connect the connecting cables to the 19″ control unit. After connecting the power supply (230 VAC) and switching on the control unit, it is ready for operation. The satellite used is specially designed for Internet operation. The core of the antenna system is the fully motorised antenna platform and the antenna control unit newly developed for the KA band, which communicates directly with the respective modem of the network operator for precise pointing.