On 1.5.2019 there was another transponder switch-off. The HD transponder from ASTRA3 used for the search was switched off.

Now please use the parameters: FRQ = 11914, SR=30000, POL=HOR, DSQ=2.

For an update of your control box, please contact us.

At the turn of the year 2016/2017, the last horizontal transponder frequency in DVB-S mode was switched off by the satellite operator.  As a result, this satellite at the 23.5° East position can no longer be found with the control devices without HD (DVB-S2) functionality.


Pure TV systems:
here the transponder frequency can be changed to 12168, 27500, VERTICAL.
This will allow the ASTRA3 satellite to be found again for TV operation.
This then also affects the AutoSat Light and EasySat systems, which then require new software to be flashed. (Software in preparation)

INTERNET ASTRA KU-band systems:
here an upgrade to DVB-S2 (HD) is mandatory.
Art.no. 17810 “Upgrade HD Controlbox” from serial number AC12-xxx, price 250,00 € gross retail price
Art.no. 17820 “Upgrade HD Controlbox” older than AC12-xxx, price 590,00 € gross UK

In both cases the return of the old control box is definitely required, otherwise the complete control box price of 695.00 € gross UK will be charged.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.