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FlyAway / DriveAway ?

We offer you both. When choosing the right system for you, there are various criteria to consider so that you get the maximum benefit from your system.

In the areas of disaster control / BOS area, the damage situation will rarely occur in beautiful sunny weather and even during the day. Instead, you will have to find your way in impassable terrain, in rain and cold, even at night. If you now find that your classic IUK technology with digital radio is not working, your usual 3G or 4G network is not available, then you have done everything right if you have chosen a permanently installed AutoSat IP DriveAway internet communications system from Crystop. With just the push of a button – if not already integrated into your vehicle’s primary coverage technology – our Satcom technology is ready for use.


Employment control vehicles / BOS area

In the professional area we offer solutions for the mobile supply of your command vehicle with fast data connections. Independent of existing unstable radio networks, you can fulfil your IUK tasks with our SatCom technology. Transmissions of situation reports, live video streaming from drones or camera monitoring and the complete telecommunication is possible today at low cost via satellite.

Media TV / Radio

With our autopointing systems, you are independent and complete your tasks in the most remote locations. There are no more white spots! Upload rates of 10 Mbps allow smooth live streams in full HD with the corresponding encoder technology. Here we offer easily transportable, quickly deployable and cost-effective FlyAway systems or DriveAway systems that can be permanently mounted on the vehicle roof. Turn your car into a true SNG vehicle and you’ll be up and running in minutes. All at the touch of a button!


Agriculture 4.0 is a reality! Enliven the remotest parts of the country where 3G, let alone 4G, is not available today with our technology. Today’s agriculture is no longer possible without modern seed drills that are GPS controlled and work with mm precision. All this requires a seamless internet connection to databases and central IT. With our DLG certified systems you can do this. Central WLAN hotspots supply large areas of land via satellite. Simple, robust and cost-effective, you can complete your tasks now and in the future!