This year we will again present our professional satellite transmission and reception systems for the BOS sector with AutoSat IP. Visit us on the outdoor area F45 in front of Hall L.

AutoSat IP Portfolio

Here we present the completely new family of AutoSat IP KA-band systems. Our portfolio includes both DriveAway and FlyAway systems. The DriveAway systems are permanently mounted on the roof of the vehicle while the FlyAway systems are carried in the vehicle and can be set up in minutes if required.  We offer these systems for the satellites EutelSat KA-Sat (9° East), Astra (28.2° East) and Hylas (31.5° East). With these systems, you can have a secure Internet connection in less than 5 minutes.  Upload rates are up to 10 Mbps and download rates up to 30 Mbps.

All systems are available at low cost with individual components or alternatively in a compact 19″ rack for easy installation and operation. Both classic wired systems and wirelessly controlled systems are available. All systems have a simple one- or two-button operation in common. This relieves you and your colleagues of the actual tasks in the field.

AutoSat IP tariffs

Our customised tariffs for the BOS sector round off our offer. The focus here is on cost-effective maintenance of the systems. In the event of damage, the tariff is automatically adjusted. There is no disconnection of the connection. Additional volume can be easily added at any time.

Our qualified team will be happy to demonstrate the performance of all systems to you on site. For a detailed consultation, please make an appointment in advance at or directly by phone at 0721 611071.

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