As the first manufacturer of fully automatic satellite reception systems in Europe, CRYSTOP celebrates 25 years of the AutoSat brand at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf.

In May 1991 the time had come, at the Clou Liner meeting of the company Niesmann + Bischoff in Saarbrücken the first fully automatic satellite system was presented. From the very beginning, the name AutoSat stood for functionality and reliability. These first AutoSat systems are still in use today.

The latest addition to the AutoSat family is the AutoSat IP product line. In cooperation with the Internet specialist IPcopter GmbH & Co KG, CRYSTOP is presenting for the first time at the Caravan Salon the fully automatic satellite transmission and reception system for the professional sector in the KA band with upload rates of 6 Mbps and download rates of 20 Mbps for the Eutelsat satellite KA-Sat at 9 degrees East.

In combination with a beamless tariff, low-cost broadband access is now available throughout Europe with unparalleled quality and connection speed.