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Reception range of our satellite systems

Crucial for the function of satellite systems is the size of the mirror used. Here Crystop offers a wide range of fully automatic satellite reception systems with different mirror sizes. The chart above shows the mirror size and the corresponding range in Europe for the satellite ASTRA1. This satellite is used for the transmission of the German programs. With our color system you have a quick overview which system can be used where.

With our premium system AutoSat2 you also have the possibility to change the size of the mirror afterwards. If, for example, your travel habits have changed and long-distance trips to Morocco, the North Cape or Turkey are no longer on the agenda, then the large 100 cm or also the 85 cm mirror can be exchanged for the smaller, more wind-insensitive and still powerful flat antenna.

Satellite Systems Families:


EasySat is easy to use due to its one-button operation, preventing operating errors. It seeks the ASTRA1 satellite, which is important for German television programs. The compact design reduces the weight to a minimum. You do not need to compromise on quality either. “Made in Germany” is a matter of course for EasySat and offers the quality for which Crystop is known.

In the panel van version, EasySat easily adapts to the trapezoidal sheet metal roofs of the widely used panel van roofs. This makes mounting on a profiled van roof a breeze. Gone are the days when an adapter plate had to be laboriously fabricated. Apply the appropriate adhesive to the underside of the profiles and fit them precisely into the corrugations on the roof. Even the roof grommet is optimized for the trapezoidal roof of a box van. This means that the days when the roof duct had to be sealed with several layers of sealant are finally over.

In the elegant matte black version, EasySat now also fits inconspicuously into dark vehicle designs.

AutoSat Light

The satellite systems of the AutoSat Light series are characterized by a flexible concept and an excellent price, performance ratio. This series is also available in matte black.

With the offset mirror or the compact flat antenna AutoSat Ligth covers the main travel areas in Europe. The AutoSat Light F is available as a height-optimized (U) or space-optimized (O) satellite system. It aligns itself fully automatically to the last satellite set and is ready to receive after a search time of typically 30 – 60 seconds.

With the control panel, two versions are available, consistent one-button operation or clear satellite selection with only three buttons.


Our premium concept AutoSat2 stands out for its uncompromising quality and variety of features. Three mirror sizes cover all reception areas in Europe and, with the appropriate software, worldwide. The automatic skew adjustment “SkewMotion” optimizes here the LNB depending on your location and thus guarantees a maximum of signal quality for razor-sharp images in Full HD.

The possibility of using professional reception LNB’s, results in a variety of variants with all requirements are met. Quad, Quattro or Monoblock LNB’s allow television reception on multiple TV sets or from different satellites at the same time.