Our new model is not only called Easy, it really lives up to its name. Once it has been installed, the pleasure of TV viewing can literally start at the press of a button with Easy-Sat. Tiresome alignment is a thing of the past. Just lean back and relax, because this system does everything fully automatically, quickly and reliably for you. You do not even need to remember to retract the unit before setting off. This means that you can continue your journey at any time without needing to think about your system.

Easy-Sat has been designed especially for use with a satellite. The 45 cm offset reflector offers superb reception throughout nearly all Europe. You do not need to change anything in the technical configuration. Keep your old receiver or buy any one that you like, EasySat can work with any receiver, regardless of whether it is only digital or also HDTV-capable.

Easy-Sat is not only simple to use, but it is also characterized by its compact construction that reduces it size and weight to a minimum. And you do not need to compromise on the quality either. Easy-Sat is “Made in Germany” and offers the level of quality that Crystop is famous for.

The control unit itself now has the tried and tested high-quality metal housing of the AutoSat2 Control series with the fold-out mounting brackets. It can be easily and safely installed in the vehicle.

Dimensions_S - Crystop - satellite system for caravan or mobile home

A 67,5 cm
B 48 cm
R 31 cm
plate: 27,5 x 29 cm
height: 15,5 cm

15200 EasySat ASTRA1 19,2° east € 1299,00
15500 EasySat BLACK ASTRA1 19,2° east € 1299,00
15230 EasySat ASTRA2 28,2° east € 1299,00
15530 EasySat BLACK ASTRA2 28,2° east € 1299,00
14200 12V FTA Satellite Receiver with IR eye € 119,00
14260 12V HD Satellite Receiver with IR eye, PVR ready, CI € 199,00